Responsible Toys for Your Pet

Enrichment by definition is: “The dynamic process for enhancing animal environments within the context of the animals’ behavioral biology and natural history.” Enrichment is way of providing animals with mental nourishment and stimulation. In my practice, I develop environmental enrichment devises or EEDs. These EEDs are made creatively and specifically for individual clients. EED’s canContinue reading “Responsible Toys for Your Pet”

Great trick for small dogs

Its amazing how experienced trainers learn new training tricks through their training sessions. If you have a small dog (5lbs or under) this can work for you. Training sit can be a great fun but if you have a small dog that seems to jump instead of sit, it can become frustrating. If you areContinue reading “Great trick for small dogs”

Dog barks at the door when people come over

When your dog barks at the door or runs around your house when the door bell rings you need to get your dogs focus off those distractions! How to fix it: Grab a place mat. Place it 15 feet from your door and ask your dog to sit on it. This is now your dogsContinue reading “Dog barks at the door when people come over”

Positive Reinforcement vs Dominance training

A lot of people want to know what the difference is between positive reinforcement training (PRT) and using dominance training (DT). It is important when choosing a trainer to know what to expect. A positive reinforcement trainer uses positive stimuli ( treats, toys, affection) to elicit a positive result. The positives: This is a greatContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement vs Dominance training”