Being consistent in training!

After every training session I always finish with the phrase ” be consistent”. There is a reason for my consistent need to be consistent! If you practice behaviors with your dog regularly and our repetitious it is amazing the level of obedience and sense of achievement you and your dog receive.   Same goes forContinue reading “Being consistent in training!”

How do you train your dog?

How do you train? Do you use treats, toys, praise, all three or neither. Many trainers have multiple opinions on the right methods of reinforcement. Purely positive reinforcement (PP): This is the sole use of treats for training. Treats are great in training because they are the primary reinforcement for dogs (R1). Treat training isContinue reading “How do you train your dog?”

Aversive Conditioning (Good or Bad?)

This week is all about aversives, or a way to help avoid an undesirable behavior by helping the client to associate that activity with a negative outcome. These people and dogs are not associated with my training or company, but have allowed me to see different types of aversives that they use on their dogs.Continue reading “Aversive Conditioning (Good or Bad?)”

Capturing A Behavior

Capturing a behavior takes the utmost patience but sometimes these behaviors are the most impressive. Captured behaviors can range from animal vocals all the way to flips. It is something the dog or animal does naturally, that you ( the trainer) reinforces and thus captures. How it works: lets say you see your dog stretchContinue reading “Capturing A Behavior”

Therapy Dog Test Requirements

Therapy dog work is always encouraged and needed in our communities. So how does your dog participate in such a rewarding experience? There are 13 steps or testing requirements that your dog needs to pass before they can receive certification. What to bring : 6 inch leash is a must. No corrective leashes or correctiveContinue reading “Therapy Dog Test Requirements”