To Neuter or Not to Neuter that is the Question?

Many people have different philosophies on dog neutering, pros and cons. However, there are overwhelming reasons to neuter your dog then to keep them “intact”. If you want to breed your dog, of course, neutering is not an option. Other than that reason neutering should be on your to do list ( earliest 6 months).Continue reading “To Neuter or Not to Neuter that is the Question?”

Best places on Key Biscayne to have animals!

Animals are great but not all apartment and condos are as enthusiastic to allow animals. Many high rises on Key Biscayne allow only dogs 20 pounds and under, only one dog per condo, only owners can have pets or the worst no pets at all! So with such restrictions where on this island can youContinue reading “Best places on Key Biscayne to have animals!”

Best Dog Parks in Miami

Blanche Park Where: Shipping Avenue and Virginia Street in Coconut Grove. A great place for dogs and their owners to make friends. The shaded benches and dogs of all sizes are welcome at this fenced-in park and will enjoy the trees, special water fountains and rolling hills. Kennedy Park Where: Bayshore Drive in Kennedy ParkContinue reading “Best Dog Parks in Miami”