How do I stop my dog from eating poop?

“Coprophagia”, meaning the act of a dog eating poop, can be one of the more disgusting habits dogs acquire. Not only is this a gross habit but it can cause an upset stomach to your dog resulting in diarrhea or other bowel problems. But this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many dogs eat their ownContinue reading “How do I stop my dog from eating poop?”

Aversive Conditioning (Good or Bad?)

This week is all about aversives, or a way to help avoid an undesirable behavior by helping the client to associate that activity with a negative outcome. These people and dogs are not associated with my training or company, but have allowed me to see different types of aversives that they use on their dogs.Continue reading “Aversive Conditioning (Good or Bad?)”

How to Train Older Dogs and Puppies

Everyone knows puppies need training early in life. That’s why millions of people go to basic training classes and puppy perfection lessons. What people don’t realize is that when your dog becomes an older dog sometimes you need to treat them like puppies. Is your older dog starting to pee in the house? Do theyContinue reading “How to Train Older Dogs and Puppies”

Dog Birthdays

Have you been to a dog birthday party lately or ever? If you haven’t you have not experienced the incredible lengths people go through for their dogs. I have had the privilege to have been invited to my fair share of doggie birthdays and I have enjoyed every one. However it is not the deliciousContinue reading “Dog Birthdays”

Dogs are so funny

When I think of dogs I think of them as people . All with different personalities, sizes, shapes, colors and habits. During the week I have encountered several dogs all that amaze me in their own special way. One situation that was interesting involved two dogs . One who is gregarious but is uncomfortable leftContinue reading “Dogs are so funny”