How to Train Older Dogs and Puppies

Everyone knows puppies need training early in life. That’s why millions of people go to basic training classes and puppy perfection lessons. What people don’t realize is that when your dog becomes an older dog sometimes you need to treat them like puppies.
Is your older dog starting to pee in the house? Do they seem a little aggressive toward your family or other animals? Lets start treating them as puppies. Don’t get angry and frustrated!

If your older dog has started going in the house, set up a dog pen. They have less space to make accidents and now they are back to basics. Set up their pee pad in the pen to encourage urination in a certain spot.

Older dogs can start being belligerent and just remember that you cannot get mad . By understanding your dog you can learn to adapt to their new age. Set them up for success and revert back to puppy training. Supervision, attention, and comfortable living space that is conducive to their level of obedience.

The better you adapt to your dogs old age the happy you both will become. Now, who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks?


Best Dog Parks in Miami

Blanche Park

Where: Shipping Avenue and Virginia Street in Coconut Grove.
A great place for dogs and their owners to make friends. The shaded benches and dogs of all sizes are welcome at this fenced-in park and will enjoy the trees, special water fountains and rolling hills.


Kennedy Park

Where: Bayshore Drive in Kennedy Park by the bay.
This park separates into large breed and small breed dog areas. Water fountains are available and the dog obstacle courses and play equipment set up.


Dog Beach on Key Biscayne

Where:  Hobie Beach where dogs can swim and play. There is a fee of $1.75 to get through the toll booth.
There are not many places where dogs have beach access here in Miami Dade.


Miami Beach

Where: Miami Beach Bark Parks include Washington Avenue, Flamingo Park, Belle Isle and the North Shore Open Space Park. Surrounded by luxury condos, South Pointe Park features a waterfront view of Government Cut – the channel where cruise ships and freighters head to port from the Atlantic. Pinetree Park faces Indian Creek, also affording waterfront views with some of Miami’s most iconic hotels in the distance. All provide dogs with tons of running room and water fountains galore.


Tropical Park

Where: 7900 SW 40 St
Miami, FL
Has 2 acres of fenced in land.
This dog park has a separate small dog area, obstacles and agility equipment, drinking fountains, a shade structure, benches, a doggy rinse area, and lake access.


Dog Birthdays

Have you been to a dog birthday party lately or ever? If you haven’t you have not experienced the incredible lengths people go through for their dogs. I have had the privilege to have been invited to my fair share of doggie birthdays and I have enjoyed every one. However it is not the delicious food or in some cases flowing wine that keeps me wanting more. It is the social interaction between the dogs that impresses me. It is great socialization and dog owners can learn new behaviors and have new experiences with other dog owners. Experienced and responsible dog owners are great teachers and leaders. At every dog birthday I have attended people discuss behavioral problems and get much needed dog advice from multiple sources and in some cases professional dog trainers. There dogs learn appropriate social behavior and meet new friends.

Dog birthdays may seem like something out of Beverley Hills housewives but this new craze is spreading amongst avid animal lovers and there is no stopping it. People invest a lot of money and time on their dogs and this will only continue to grow. So next time you are invited to a doggie b-day party, go! You never know what new behavioral and training tips you could get !

Oh and don’t forget to bring a gift


Dogs are so funny

When I think of dogs I think of them as people . All with different personalities, sizes, shapes, colors and habits. During the week I have encountered several dogs all that amaze me in their own special way.

One situation that was interesting involved two dogs . One who is gregarious but is uncomfortable left alone and the other one is a little fatty but is great by himself. I arrived at the residence and started training immediately . After the session I wanted to treat the dogs to a fun play session in a dog park before I left . So I grab the leashes and like usual the outgoing dog sprints over ready for his walk the other dog is so happy in his bed with his bone that the dog park was not as reinforcing as the bone and bed combo. I called twice and to no avail.

It’s amazing how these dogs that live together and are good friends truly can exhibit separate personality traits.
Remember that dogs are more like us then you may think; just like children you have to respect and acknowledge that all dogs are different and thus they need different types of attention.

When I am involved in training I use different training techniques for different dogs. This is important!


The Love of a Dog

Don’t you love the feeling when you come home and your dog is so happy to see you? Research recently shows that dogs are capable of reading the human face. Dogs were placed in a room and shown different objects and faces. The dogs looked at all the objects and animal faces straight on until the human face appeared . The dogs actually moved there eyes from right to left when human faces were seen . Scientists have concluded that like humans dogs recognized the human face.

So next time you hear someone say I think my dog knows when I am sad or they know when I am excited, there could be a real scientific truth to it.

Dogs seem to be emotional just like people. That’s probably why people want to treat their dogs like one of their family members. So next time you come home, smile , cause you knows who is reading your face. 😉


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