How to fix undesired dog behaviors!

I love my clients because they inspire me everyday to write informational posts and blogs. Today we are focusing on energy and observation! Dogs can have predictable behavior meaning in some cases you can actually anticipate poor or undesired behavior with your dog. If you notice that during the day your dog is an angelContinue reading “How to fix undesired dog behaviors!”

The importance of exercise

Providing exercise for your dog can help eliminate undesired behaviors. People do not realize the immediate benefits of having a tired dog . Does your dog bite objects, scratch your sofa, bark endlessly, jump up on guests, or chase your cat? Do you know that a likely cause is exercise!! When your dog is reallyContinue reading “The importance of exercise”

Rescue dog bites leash

When dogs are biting leashes, don’t let them think of it as a game. Meaning don’t play tug of war with your dog over the leash or drag the dog if they refuse to move. Remember with rescues to not automatically use adversives, there is a much more humane and successful method. If you andContinue reading “Rescue dog bites leash”

Pulling on the Leash (Part 2)

Today, we will discuss the behavioral aspects of pulling and straining on a leash. We will be using positive reinforcement training so bring some treats with you on your walk. When you begin the walk don’t get your dog overly excited especially when you know you are battling with leash pulling. Be calm and headContinue reading “Pulling on the Leash (Part 2)”

How to get a dog to stop pulling on the leash

Even though all breeds can pull on the leash, those owners with large breed dogs have the most complaints. This is for obvious reasons: dogs are larger , harder to handle, and can physically over power you. When it comes to pulling on the leash there are actually multiple ways for fixing the problem. SoContinue reading “How to get a dog to stop pulling on the leash”