Fear in dogs and how to treat the various types of fears

Fear in dogs can be misdiagnosed. Fear can come from a variety of reasons: 1) genetically: dog has a family history of fear 2) fear from circumstance : something in the past has attributed to the fear. ie- dog gets bitten by a another dog and now has developed a fear of dogs. 3) fearContinue reading “Fear in dogs and how to treat the various types of fears”

Why get CGC certified

CGC or canine good citizen is a great way to let your community know that your dog is well behaved and can be respected in your city. If you are moving in to a new building a CGC certified dogs are starting to be a requirement. The CGC test involves sit, down, walking comfortably meaningContinue reading “Why get CGC certified”

How to fade behaviors

A lot of people tell me that they don’t want to use treats forever. What people need to understand is that treats are used in the beginning of training. We use the word primary reinforcement to describe treats because they are the first or primary resource that dogs seem to enjoy. Secondary reinforcement examples areContinue reading “How to fade behaviors”

How to Sit

Sitting is a fundamental behavior in obedience training. This should be starting right when you get your dog. There are many ways of starting the process but today we will learn how to use positive reinforcement training to do “sit”. Bring your dogs favorite training treats and get your dog positioned in front of you.Continue reading “How to Sit”