My Dog Hates The Vacuum! 

Big, loud, scary, moving- you can’t seem to blame Fido for having it out for the dirt devil. We know there is nothing to be afraid of but Fido needs to learn it’s harmless. We want to start to slowly desensitize Fido to the vacuum. This process will progress at different rates for different dogs.Continue reading “My Dog Hates The Vacuum! “

How to fix undesired dog behaviors!

I love my clients because they inspire me everyday to write informational posts and blogs. Today we are focusing on energy and observation! Dogs can have predictable behavior meaning in some cases you can actually anticipate poor or undesired behavior with your dog. If you notice that during the day your dog is an angelContinue reading “How to fix undesired dog behaviors!”

How to stop a cat from peeing on your rugs…

When a cat stops using the litter box, there’s always a reason. Your first impulse could be to shout at the cat, but remember that will just frighten and confuse your cat. Despite common belief, cats are not vengeful, and they  are not going outside his box to get revenge. We always want to endContinue reading “How to stop a cat from peeing on your rugs…”

How to Train Older Dogs and Puppies

Everyone knows puppies need training early in life. That’s why millions of people go to basic training classes and puppy perfection lessons. What people don’t realize is that when your dog becomes an older dog sometimes you need to treat them like puppies. Is your older dog starting to pee in the house? Do theyContinue reading “How to Train Older Dogs and Puppies”

Dog doesn’t eat their food or begs at the table

Initially it seems bizarre to hear that a dog doesn’t eat their food, but this is an all to common problem especially in smaller breeds. If you find your dog falls into this category, here are some behavioral and some non traditional ways of correcting the issue. The best way to get your dog toContinue reading “Dog doesn’t eat their food or begs at the table”