My Dog Hates The Vacuum! 

Big, loud, scary, moving- you can’t seem to blame Fido for having it out for the dirt devil. We know there is nothing to be afraid of but Fido needs to learn it’s harmless. We want to start to slowly desensitize Fido to the vacuum. This process will progress at different rates for different dogs.Continue reading “My Dog Hates The Vacuum! “

Miami Herald Article on YOUR GOOD DOG

People spend more money on their pets in the United States than the total amount the government provides each year in foreign aid. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners will spend an estimated $58.5 billion this year, compared to the Department of State’s $52 billion budget for foreign assistance and support proposedContinue reading “Miami Herald Article on YOUR GOOD DOG”

Importance of flea and tick prevention

The word flea or tick is enough to make most people cringe! But fleas and ticks should not be your evil nemesis. There are great ways, even holistic organic ways to protect, treat, and maintain a flea and tick free atmosphere. A monthly flea and tick medication is the easiest way to ensure your petsContinue reading “Importance of flea and tick prevention”

Being consistent in training!

After every training session I always finish with the phrase ” be consistent”. There is a reason for my consistent need to be consistent! If you practice behaviors with your dog regularly and our repetitious it is amazing the level of obedience and sense of achievement you and your dog receive.   Same goes forContinue reading “Being consistent in training!”